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I am passionate about the work I do and am confident that the modalities I use will help move you towards the life you want.  

This is an embodied therapy that helps people move past the place where they may feel "stuck" in processing a traumatic event. Sessions will include introducing small amounts of the traumatic experience and noticing the physical response to it.  In order to increase self-regulation, the client will then move into sensations associated with neutrality or comfort.  Melissa would be happy to speak to you further about this highly effective process.  You can learn more about Somatic Experiencing here.

Attachment theory explores early relationships with primary caregivers and how that influences your current relationships.  Attachment based therapy's goal is to work towards secure attachment in relationships, which will lead to more fulfilling relationships, increased self-worth, and decreased disordered eating behaviors.  Learn more here.

EMDR therapy is done by using back and forth movement of the eyes to reprocess past memories associated with negative beliefs about oneself. Learn more here

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