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Counseling: What to expect

Whether you are new to therapy or you have seen several counselors, you may wonder what to expect from Embodied Healing sessions with Melissa.  Taking the first step towards therapy can seem scary, which is why I offer a free phone consultation.  If after a free phone consultation, we both decide we'll be a good fit, we'll schedule our first session.

First Session: We will review and complete the needed paperwork, discuss confidentiality, and begin to explore current and historical symptoms of your presenting concern whether that is concern with self worth, disordered eating, or relationships.

Second Session: The focus of the second session will be to gather

more information about your reasons for seeking counseling and

begin to identify potential areas of strength and growth.

Third Session and on: During these sessions the focus of therapy

will be identified.  Subsequent sessions will begin focusing on

meeting your treatment goals, identifying new goals, or modifying

old goals.

Somatic Experiencing Counselor
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